Everything YOU need to know about getting a lash lift and tint // Abilene Texas // Delight Photography // Texas Photographer

June 14, 2018



Mind. Is. Blown.

I got an amazing treatment facial today with my super sweet friend at her cozy skin care studio! My FAVE part though was having my lashes lifted and tinted. I’ve worn extensions for years on and off but get tired of the high maintenance upkeep. Don’t get me wrong they’re gorgeous but ohhh so much work!

Ok so here’s what happens:

Your bottom lashes are secured with collagen gel eye pads (hello relaxation)

Then a silicone piece is placed on your eyelid and your top lashes are secured there and curled upwards in preparation for the lift treatment.

The lift treatment is applied and let set for a few minutes (this part doesn’t burn or sting much to my surprise) pain=beauty right? Not the case here! This part did have an odor but nothing too crazy or bothersome!

Then a neutralizing product is applied to neutralize the lift solution (much like a perm)

Then the tint is applied / removed and you open your eyes to a wide-eyed, awake version of yourself! I was so stunned at how amazing my lashes looked in such a short time.

Amanda was so informative during the service that me, a ball of anxiety, was able to relax and learn about all the cool beauty science things she does. I HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone who loves having longer looking lashes! Results of the lift last 6-10 weeks depending on your lash cycle and the tint lasts 3-4 weeks.

My results are below!!

I was super worried it was going to burn or sting and it didn’t it was super pleasant and painless!

Check her out and be sure to tell her kaleigh sent you to receive a 15% discount on your first service!